For Relief from Pain and Stress the Natural Way

eyes closed    Welcome! Here you will learn about my twenty plus years practicing massage therapy with a specialty in neuromuscular massage.  I take great pleasure in helping individuals get relief from chronic and often debilitating pain so that they can get on with normal daily life and activity. Neuromuscular therapy helps people deal with their pain without drugs or surgery.  Injury, repetitive use, or stress make our muscles vulnerable to a cycle of pain set off by simple everyday movemnts such as lifting, bending, reaching, exercise or accidents.  When that occurs, we demand immediate relief, not simply the masking of symptoms through the use of drugs.  By applying neuromuscular therapy techniques to specific pain sites caused by soft tissue injury, distress or other skeletal muscle tension, I can reduce or eliminate the level of pain and speed the healing process. It works well within the scope of a physician's treatment regimen for pain and injury.


Benefits of Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

Through neuromuscular therapy, you will gain:

  • pain relief without narcotics
  • greater flexibility and freedom of movement
  • increased circulation
  • increased energy and vitality
  • improved postural patterns
  • increased sense of well-being.

Massage therapy is as vital to a healthy mind and body as is exercise and diet. All too often, we turn to temporary solutions to deal with our stressful lives. Solutions that do not promote healing or wellness.  I invite you to discover the benefits of body work. A soothing massage - it’s so much more than a temporary escape. It is an opportunity to exhale deeply, to relax completely and to nurture a healthier lifestyle.